Fixed Assets - Upgraded Projection Reports Using SSRS


Fixed Assets has been a hot topic for the ALaCarteGP group lately, one that we'll be sure to write a looong and comprehensive overview on Fixed Assets within Microsoft Dynamics GP altogether but for now, there's one particular area that we wanted to touch on...

The Fixed Assets module provides some pretty generic and basic out of the box reports.  One of the reports that can be easily expanded on is the Fixed Assets Projection & Summary reports.  Below we'll show what we've developed and deployed in a GP fixed assets environment.

Using SSRS & deploying to the 'Financial' folder, the new Fixed Assets Projection reports appear native to GP.


When opened, you'll notice a few parameters built into the report.

The parameters are all defaulted in so in most cases, all the end-users needs to do to generate the report is select 'View Report'.  One trick that we like to showcase is the ability to automatically pull in the user's User ID from active directory.

When generating the projection within GP, the user's GP user ID is attached to those records.  Therefore... If AD user IDs and GP user IDs match, the following parameter default will work.


Now to the data...

By default, this report displays in summary.  By selecting the '+' icon, the detail is expanded and you'll see the following additional fields which you do not receive with the out of the box Projection report.  Note!  The ability to add and move fields now that we're in SSRS is 100x times easier than it would be with Report Builder reports within Dynamics GP.  

- Depreciation Account

- Asset Class ID 

- Total by G/L Depreciation Account


Another report that we absolutely love is what we refer to as a Fixed Asset Projection - Fiscal Year report.  The report is essentially a month over month rolling report that increases visibility to when assets become fully depreciated thus fall off the projection.  


The beauty in both of these reports is that the fundamental  SQL query is pretty similar.  It's just a matter of grouping columns, quickly pulling the additional columns that are useful for reporting purposes and then deploying the reports in SSRS.

For those of you Forms Printer Plus users, this report makes a great candidate to be deployed directly in the Projection window within GP.  We'll be sure to post more on why Forms Printers Plus from Accountable Solutions is one of our "cannot live without" GP ISVs!

Find this report useful or does is spring ideas for other SSRS, Forms Printer, or Fixed Asset reports?  Let us know in the comments below!