Recurring Sales Transaction in GP Using Sales Order Processing

For the environments that rely on the Sales Order Processing module for billing purposes, one of the downsides is that recurring batches that are available in other modules aren't so readily available within SOP.  While recurring batches may not be available by name, there is still the opportunity to create recurring transactions using sales orders.

Instead of a batch of recurring sales invoices, we'll create Sales Orders that can be placed in a batch and transferred to invoices over and over.

Setup Recurring Sales Orders

The first thing that we'll want to do is create a sales order document 'template' that will allow recurring transactions.

1. Open the Sales Order Processing Setup window and create or open a sales order document ID by selecting the 'Order ID' link.

2. Setup Sales Order

Note Required:

- Allocate by: None

- Allow repeating documents

Create Individual Recurring Sales Order

1. Open the Sales Transaction Entry window

2. Enter normal Order information

3. Drill into each lineitem (blue arrow) and set distribution accounts

4. Review transaction distributions to ensure they are valid for current and future transactions.

5. Drill into Document Number (blue arrow) once Sales Order has been filled out

Note Required:

- Enter times to repeat

- Enter frequency of recurrence.  (This will update order date, not posting or invoice dates)

- Ensure Invoice Type ID is valid

- Enter batch ID of recurring INVOICES - Create holding batch if necessary

- Save

Process: Batch Transfer from Order to Invoice

Transactions can be transferred from recurring sales orders to sales invoices in a batch or at the transaction-level

1, Open 'Recurring' Sales Order batch

2. Select Transfer

Note Required:

- Transfer Order to Invoice (bottom-left)

3. Preview items to be transferred

4. Transfer document(s)

5. Open sales batch window and ensure posting date is correct.

6. Open Transaction(s) and ensure expected invoices transferred to designated batch(es)

Note Required:

- Check document date 

Process: Transaction Transfer from Order to Invoice

1. Open sales order transaction

2. Select Actions>>Transfer>>Transfer to Invoice

Best Practice Notes

- Utilize separate recurring batches for orders and invoices.

Example is to create a recurring sales order batch for daily, weekly, monthly transactions and have the transferred transactions push to similar setups for invoice transactions.

- Always review posting and document dates of transferred invoices.

We hope that this process makes your billing process easier?  Have any billing tips of your own that you'd like to share?  Let us know in the comments below!