Workflows Galore in GP2018 and What Makes Them Great!

Curious as to what Workflow options are available in Dynamics GP? Check-out the full post HERE! Microsoft has done a fantastic job with the workflow system and our post touches on the pros and cons as well as what features and workflow options you should expect if/when you decide to jump on board with workflows.

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GPUG - All-Star Nominations!

With the User Group Summit conference right around the corner in October, there are lots of exciting things going on in the GPUG world at this time of year, one of which is the yearly "All-Star" awards.

All-Star nominees are put up by their peers based on their contributions to the GPUG community & this year, I've been fortunate enough to be considered!

If you're a part of the GPUG community and have benefited from all that GPUG offers, take a look @ the 2018 All-Star nominees that can be viewed @  There are quite a few recognizable names on the nominees list this year.

If you're not familiar with GPUG & you use GP, I'd HIGHLY recommend taking a look @ what the group has to offer.  There are benefits to non-members but for members, here are a few of the things that you can take advantage of:

  • Live & Recorded Webinars
  • Open GP Related Forum (Highly active!)
  • Conference discounts
  • Local chapter events
  • Other exclusive member discounts

If you ever find yourself around the New Orleans area and want to check-out a local chapter meeting, we'd love to have you!  Presenters and/or attendees are always welcome!

Hope to see some familiar faces in Phoenix for Summit!

Start Processing Credit Card Payments in GP TODAY!

On another installment of our video series, we covered a feature that's been around for quite awhile but was recently added to with Dynamics GP 2018.

Setting up credit cards, processing credit card transactions, and issuing payments for credit card bills all done within GP.

This short video will cover everything that you need to setup credit cards & begin processing them TODAY!

Enjoy, subscribe, and let us know what else you're interested in!

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Payables Payment Process Using Dynamics GP 2018!

The payables process within GP is tried & true within Dynamics GP.  It's one of the fundamental process that GP was built-on and it works very very well.  Below is a video that can be found on our YouTube channel that covers the payment process from beginning to end and highlights some of the additional features that Microsoft brought to the table with Dynamics GP 2018.

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