Submitting Microsoft Dynamics Feedback - Updated 2018!

"The only thing that is consistent is change"

Change in the GP world is always coming and in most cases should be welcomed with open arms.  Changes for the betterment of the system ensures that you're getting the most out of your investment and using a product that is competitive in the current marketplace.  

Did you know that you can factor into the upcoming changes for GP?  There's an actual direct line to the Microsoft Dynamics GP team that allows customers and partners to submit product improvements and bugs to be considered for future releases.  We urge everyone to use this avenue when you're looking for more from your system!

Update 2018:

The feedback/suggestion process is now a whole lot simpler and with the times.  Simply go to the new Microsoft Dynamics GP Ideas page, create an account, review existing suggestions or suggest away!

Give it a shot and keep us posted on what new features you'd like to see in GP.  We're happy to give your submission a vote as well!