We're CPAs, we're IT professionals, we're Dynamics GP consultants

We like to do things things the correct way, the first time.

What does that mean for you?

  • Customer-minded solutions.  You're seeking assistance to have a problem solved, not have more problems caused when adding something new to your system. We've been at the other end of the table and the days of having overly complicated solutions with no ability to manage them going forward are over.
  • Documentation and training on every engagement.  After the engagement has been completed, customers will be equipped with the correct documentation and training to manage their system going forward.
  • Breaking the mold of '2x billing'.  Providing quotes at the actual time estimated to complete the task.  Not overcharging for project management or to meet billable hour quotas.
  • We're agile & thrive on handling the little things.  Bring on the 'A La Carte". Relationships can be long-term but that doesn't require a consultant constantly breathing down your neck seeking out unnecessary engagements.  We're here to handle the tasks at-hand and engagements of all magnitude.
  • Clear scopes and project assumptions.  No surprises.
  • Honesty and integrity. We only engage in projects that both parties are able to handle. Never will a customer be billed for time a consultants spends learning and never will a consultant be engaged if not fully capable of handling the task at-hand.