• We have little overhead, are fully geared and prepared before entering engagements, & are not out to become millionaires. These points allow us to provide rates around 60-70% those that you'd find with a larger firm or partner. Many work requests may fit into fixed low price engagements as well. Certain engagements may or may not qualify for introductory rates.


  • We typically request a prepayment of 50% pre-engagement & remaining balance to be paid post-implementation. This is merely a general guideline and each engagement may vary to best suit a client. Payment can be made via credit card, Paypal, or via paper check (more details here).

Hours and Availability

  • We're available just about 24 hours a day via phone, email, & even text message to discuss any engagement requirements or other questions. Significant implementation work can also be completed out of normal business hours and on weekends to avoid disruption in a client's environment.

Work Execution

  • A large percentage of engagements can be handled remotely which also assists in keeping costs low and that's what we push for. At the beginning of an engagement, it shall be determined which connection method will work best for both parties. Things that factor into this discussion are:

    • Length of engagement

    • Work hours

    • Client Preference

    • Client Involvement

Post Implementation

  • Although we push to transfer the knowledge of the engagement to the client, we are always available should questions come up. Any work/implementation completed within scope includes a 7-day "maintenance" period which is free of charge. Just a little extra peace of mind.